Welcome to the Age of rage of the thunder. Monsters are coming. Chaos and illogism want to rule supreme over us. Science and gravity are in peril, they want you to believe this Earth is flat, sending you in the desert of the reality. While mankind still remains alive, the Moon has decided to rule the world, while the Sun tries to maintain its compas over this Earth. Nothing is real for our mind, fake news, disdain for all superheroes. Monsters are coming. Ideologies have become part of this shadow of the Moon looming over us. This Earth has become the shadow of the Sun.

It's a long thought process. Art is a team of artists that builds a house within the mind. We're builders. We create a dimension through computers and paintings, to build a house within the mind, it is the origin of the checkered pattern. #Artboy

The mind, like a mechanic that would actually need wheels and screws to operate its flow of information, for knowledge to orbit and evolve around knowledge; the mind is like a machine, but to operate it in order to have self-awareness of itself, to move and activate its awareness of its existence, we consume and need symbols, to operate the mechanics of our brain, to finally fathom it's limitations, and as our favorite, to reach the understanding of our personal celestial body.



Hey new cyber-sisters / cyber-brothers. I thank everyone I worked with for the enhancement of our meta-policies, this Cyber-Earth is full of the broadband of our young Ethereal-Knowledge. I'm learning a deep swell of incredible information. We could not build a web without your hands. Our internet "borderless" presence on the Net. Our sky is fully controlled. The future can't be stopped. Not-now. For us technologic progressives, to propel and define ourselves, to protect better tomorrows for our internet freedom.


I’m an infographic artist and poet. I voyaged to Egypt, Israel and Palestine. I performed Slam poetry in NYC, and with extinction rebellion in front of the Ministry of Defence and Stanley Johnson. I exhibited my works with Nike in the ArtScience museum in Singapore. I made flyers and posters around Texas for the legalisation of marijuana. I lived 17 years in Asia. I was on radio campus for 6 month reading political prose. Jean Baudrillard influenced me a lot. I performed Slam poetry in Belgium. I have visited the tombs of Shakespeare, the ashes of Tesla, Mesmer, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Harry Houdini, Nietzsche, Tuthankamen, Dali in Spain, King David, Abshalom, Shah of Iran, I was published in an anthology of poetry with 30 poets in America. Favourite by Texan newspaper. I created a walking museum in Hong Kong. Shared on Rap Belge and Rep generation 2020. The website of the Figaro. Hype beast. Exhibited in Ukraine, America, Australian magazines, Argentina with digital art, Kult magazine in Singapore, France with Artaq festival in Angers, Espace Pierre Cardin with Artaq, Worked with activists at Extinction Rebellion. Selected for the first round of Aloft Star judged by Universal music.