Formally working at the stock exchange of diamonds in Antwerp, Mister Entertainment was formed to organise parties around Belgium. From Residence L (uniquely Lesbian parties) to Dhamar Tal in Maline, he is a rising star of events organising. He was also ranked in the list of the 100 most winning online poker players on Pokerstar worldwide.



Finale du championnat de slam de belgique en 2015 , Un concert donné bénévolement au garcia lorca, coach et participant au grand slam national de Paris en 2018, le prix paroles urbaines 2018, performance au Muntpunt en janvier dernier.



I am Invisible.

Join the Invisible. 

Be indivisible. 

The revolution 

will not be 


we are --
I will be
your invisible
man. Join
the Invisible. 

Be invisible. 

Look at me. 

I'm so happy.

I'm invisible.

Can you read 

the Invisible?

The desert 

Is invading 

your cities.

Our climate 

is changing.
Do not abide
nor consume.
Be Invisible.

Be Indivisible. 

Be invincible. 

The revolution

will be invincible.

Beat the invincible.

I am Invisible. 

What I need 

Is more money. 

More knowledge. 

Knowledge forever.